Common Mistakes to Avoid in IPMAT 2024

20 September 2023, 2:06 PM

Here are some common mistakes to avoid in IPMAT 2024:

> Lack of Resources or Study Materials:  The most common blunder that students often make is not having enough resources or study materials when preparing for an important exam like the IPMAT as it requires a decent amount of books. It’s a race against time and hence, you cannot go through all the books but instead check the syllabus and avoid purchasing books that are not included in the IPMAT 2024 syllabus. 

> Not Reading the Newspapers and Editorials Regularly: IPMAT aspirants are advised to read newspapers regularly in case there are any changes made in the IPMAT syllabus or exam pattern. To ace the examination, you must check the newspapers and editorials as this will greatly help you score well in the Verbal Ability (VA) section. 

> Not Enough Preparation for Mathematics: The key to cracking the examination is to do fairly well in the Quantitative Ability (QA) section. First and foremost, get acquainted with 11th & 12th standard math topics and have proper knowledge of sets, probability, functions, permutations, and combinations, coordinate geometry, algebra, geometry, matrices and logarithms, and areas and volumes. Do not miss out on any of these topics and practice math regularly.

> Not Taking Enough Mocks or Having a Late Start: Another huge common mistake that many aspirants make is that they either start late or take very few mocks. But one should keep in mind that mocks are essential to ace the IPMAT exam. Taking mock tests can also help you to review your performance and pinpoint your weak and strong areas. Also, taking mock tests daily enhances your pace and accuracy which is a must to crack the examination. So, try out mock tests every now and then and see the difference. 

> Poor Study Planning and Preparation: Every IPMAT aspirant’s aim is to score well on the test but how many of them have a well-planned study schedule? The result will be quite disappointing. The key to success is to come up with a proper study schedule, follow it rigorously, and achieve your goals. The other benefit of having a study schedule is that it enables you to identify your weaknesses and puts you on the right track.