Do the marks of class 12 affect the result of the CUET?

Updated on 13th June 2023 | 1038hrs

To be eligible for CUET, you only need to have a minimum aggregate of 50% in your class 12 exams and the required subjects for your chosen course. Your class 12 marks are not taken into consideration beyond meeting the minimum requirement. The most important factor for CUET admission is your CUET score. However, for admission to DU your 12th Board marks will be considered only if there is a tie between two candidates opting for the same course and college. Board marks will be the decider in such cases.
This was the case earlier (Dependence on Board marks for UG admission) when admissions to Central Universities (like the University of Delhi, BHU, JNU, etc.) were merit-based. Admissions were getting out of reach for many aspiring students. There was no uniformity among the various Board examinations regarding syllabus and level of difficulty, and marking scheme. Students from some of the boards got an undue advantage. Hence, Common University Entrance Test (CUET) was introduced to solve this problem of ever-rising cut-offs and give all the candidates equal chances of admission, irrespective of the board they passed from and their class 12th score. So now all you need to do is to focus on your CUET preparation to get admission to your dream college.

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