IIM Ranchi IPM Admission Process – SAT, WAT and Personal Interview

IIM Ranchi has announced their new IPM Program recently with the first batch joining in 2021. There was some mystery around the admission process for the IPM Program before they announced the IIM Ranchi IPM Admission Process over the last few days (3rd Week of January 2021).

In order to gain admission to the IIM Ranchi IPM Program, the stages involved include:

  • SAT Exam
  • Written Assessment Test (WAT)
  • Personal Interview (PI)
  • Academic Scores

Let us look into the stages in some more detail.

SAT Exam

The SAT Exam or Scholastic Aptitude Test is an international level examination which is conducted for students who have just graduated from high school or 12th standard as we call it in India. The SAT Exam is a 3 hour long exam which consists of several components including:

  • Reading Test
  • Writing and Language Test
  • Math Test
  • SAT Essay Test

SAT is conducted five times in year generally in the month of March, May, August, October, and December. The exam is conducted in over 70 cities. A candidate can take the SAT multiple times. The candidates can send their SAT scores directly to IIM Ranchi while they take SAT. One can use the IIM Ranchi SAT code to send their scores to the institute. The code for IIM Ranchi is 9109.

Reading Test

The Reading Test consists of Multiple Choice Questions which are accompanied by passages. These passages may be simply prose or it may contain commonly understood graphs or diagrams. The questions in this section are basically Reading Comprehension type and do not require any Mathematical skills

The questions may be of different types such as:

  • Evidence-based: These are questions which would require reading of the passage to answer
  • Words in Context: These are a test of vocabulary as well as context
  • Inference based: In these types of questions, you would be required to go slightly beyond the facts in the passage to draw your own inferences

Writing and Language Test

The Writing and Language test is used to test your command over the English language. It usually consists of passages and sentences which have deliberate errors. You need to act as the editor and correct the errors

Math Test

The Math test consists primarily of multiple choice questions but may also include some Type in the Answer (TITA) questions. It covers the basics of Mathematics that you have studied till class 12. You may have a few questions which would require the use of a calculator

SAT Essay Test

The SAT Essay Test is an optional test which IIM Ranchi may or may not accept for the IPM Admissions. It basically requires you to analyze a text. You will need to read the passage given following you may be need to explain how the author builds his argument with references back to the passage which will act as the evidence for your analysis.

Written Assessment Test

The WAT is an exercise carried out by IIMs in their selection for their IPM Programs as well as PG Programs. In the WAT, you will be given a topic and you will be required to write a short essay (specifications may vary but is usually around 250-500 words) based on your knowledge of the topic.

Personal Interview

This is the stand interview interaction where you will interact with the interviewers, normally college professors and alumni, to see if you and IIM Ranchi IPM are a good fit for each other.


The details for this have not been released as of now. You are required to have at least 60% (55% for SC/ST/PWD) in your 10th and 12th to be eligible for the IIM Ranchi IPM Program.


While details regarding the IIM Ranchi IPM Program are still being released, you should start preparing all the same so that you stand a good chance of entering the program when it starts.