Will the NCERT books be enough for the CUET 2023 preparation?

Updated on 19th April 2023 | 1330hrs


Will the NCERT books be enough for the CUET 2023 preparation?

CUET 2023 Preparation: YES, the NCERT books will be the most reliable and useful resource for CUET 2023 preparation. The NTA, which is the conducting authority for the CUET has already declared the detailed subject-wise syllabus for all the subjects from the 3 sections. It is clearly mentioned there that the syllabus will only consist of the entire NCERT class 12 syllabus.


The CUET (Common University Entrance Test) was introduced in the academic year 2022-23, to nullify the rat race in the high cut-offs by the top universities (like DU, BHU, JMI, etc.) for UG admissions, and the unequal marking scheme practiced by different Boards. From applying to different universities separately for UG admissions, now students have to apply for one entrance test for admission to all the participating universities in it. In its inception year (2022) 90 universities participated in the CUET, but in 2023 more than 240 universities are participating. Now, all the students will get an equal and common opportunity for UG admissions in their desired course and Dream College.


CUET 2022

CUET 2023

90 participating universities

240+ participating universities

12 lakh applicants

16 lakh+ applicants

2 lakh UG seats

3 lakh+ UG seats


CUET 2023 will be conducted from May 21 to 31, 2023. The exams are very near with exactly a month remaining. This is high time that students must give all their attention and prepare their best.

To prepare for CUET 2023, the NCERT books for class 12 will be the best resource, as the questions will be asked directly from there. But, the pattern of the exam is Online & MCQ based. Therefore, it is important that you are detailed and thorough with your preparation. Considering the exam pattern, it is suggested that other than the NCERT books students must also go through various MCQ-type objective preparation books. 


Another alternative could be enrolling in the TEST Series program by Career Launcher, where you get up to 20 Mock question papers on your choice of subjects, which are closest to the actual CUET pattern and interface to give you the actual test of the exam. You can also take the All India Mock Test to check your exam preparedness and fine-tune your preparation.


With a very limited time remaining, you should hurry and ramp up your preparation.


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