CUET English Sample Paper

CUET English Previous Year Question Paper - PDF Download

The CUET is a game-changer for every UG aspiring student in India. It is a nationwide exam to get admission to the top colleges and universities participating in it. CUET measures students' proficiency in various languages, chosen subjects, and general knowledge by testing their competency through the MCQ questions. Every subject has its sample papers and the previous year's papers which will help students to analyze, access, prepare, and score best. Here, we will go through and understand the importance of the CUET English sample paper.

The CUET opens the door of UG admission to 250+ universities in the country. The exam is held once a year (during May - June). Students can secure admission to their desired university by scoring the maximum marks in the test. Going through the CUET English previous year question paper will be crucial for students in grasping the exam pattern and maximizing their CUET score. The CUET paper for UG students has 3 sections, and English is a major subject in section I (Language). It evaluates the understanding of vocabulary, verbal, grammar skills, etc.

Stay tuned to this article to go through the CUET English sample paper and completely understand the paper pattern. Students can download the CUET English previous year question paper. Also, get to know why every student should check the CUET English question paper.

Previous Year Question Paper CUET English

CUET English Previous Year Question Paper

If any student wants to ace English for CUET, they should get their hands on the CUET English previous year question paper! They're like helping steps. It also gives an idea of what to expect in the exams like, what questions to anticipate, and what topics are more popular. This knowledge will help students plan their studies, practice with CUET English sample papers, and feel more confident. So, don't wait - explore CUET English success with the secrets hidden in past CUET English question papers!

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CUET English

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Why is the CUET English Previous Year Question Paper Important?

Previous year's papers play a significant role in preparing for the next year's exam. CUET English previous year question paper is the support for students who are planning to attempt an exam next year. Here are some major reasons why it is important to take a look at the CUET English question paper or CUET English sample paper:

CUET English Question Paper

CUET is an important step towards higher studies and career options after class 12. When you decide to attempt an entrance exam, it is essential to understand the question pattern and other important information about it. If a student decides to take the CUET exam, they must make sure to learn all the relevant details.

Every student should go through the CUET English sample paper to score good marks in CUET English. Understanding the CUET English Question Paper is important, it will help them to score well and get to their desired colleges. Students must make sure to take a look at the CUET English previous year question paper. It will boost their morale and make things easy for them. Moreover, students can also get help from the CUET English sample paper. While solving the CUET English sample paper students can work on their preparation and prepare for the best results.

CUET English paper - PDF

Benefits of Solving CUET English Question Paper

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CUET English Exam Pattern

The CUET exam pattern for English is the set of pre-decided norms and guidelines regarding the paper. It includes the number of questions, duration of the paper, marking scheme, etc. Go through the detailed CUET English exam pattern in the table below.



Exam Name

Common University Entrance Test (CUET)

Paper Name

CUET English

Mode of Exam

Online (CBT - Computer Based Test)


Sections I [Language - Section IA]

Exam Duration

45 Minutes

Marking Scheme

+5 - for the right answer

-1 for the wrong answer

0 for unattempted question

Number of Questions

40 Questions to be marked out of 50 Questions

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