How Important It Is to Begin CUET Preparation in Class 11?

Published on 3rd November 2023 | 10:25 AM

Most preferably, starting your CUET preparation when you are in 12th standard should be more than enough but many students choose to begin their preparation by class 11th itself which many consider too early. However, there’s no such thing as too early to start, especially when you’re preparing for an important exam like CUET.

You can absolutely go ahead with your preparation starting from class 11, which not only gives you an edge over others but you also have enough time to prepare well for the CUET examination.

The CUET exam is usually after completing the class 12th exam. The major challenge you will be facing is probably the syllabus because the syllabus will be based on the NCERT 12th standard.

But do not fret; commencing your preparation journey as early as possible can be very advantageous. If you are currently in 11th standard, here are some tips on how to begin your preparation for CUET while studying in class 11:

> Enough Time to Understand the Basics: Starting your preparations early is advantageous in many ways such as building a strong foundation in the crucial subjects and concepts that are asked in CUET. It also allows you a vast amount of time to fully comprehend the fundamentals.

> Complete Preparation: CUET usually considers a broad spectrum of topics. Hence, beginning your preparation early allows you to complete the whole syllabus in a more sorted-out manner, lessening last-minute hassle and guaranteeing thorough preparation.

> More Time for Practice: starting your preparation early also means that you have plenty of time for practice. Practicing mocks, sample papers, or previous years' question papers can immensely enhance your level of accuracy and time management skills which is crucial for executing well in competitive exams like the CUET.

> Knowing Your Areas Early: An early start provides you the possibility to point out your weak and strong areas. You can concentrate on the areas that you find difficult and thus seek guidance from peers or mentors, and turn your drawbacks into strengths over time.

> Revise and Review Your Performance: Beginning your CUET preparation while in class 11 enables you to understand the syllabus entirely which makes it easier to revise and review your performance as you do away with mocks. Revision is important to retain information that you have studied and early preparation provides you the opportunity to revise and review your performance thoroughly, stimulating your assurance on the exam day.

In conclusion, starting early may sound advantageous but do keep in mind that the quality of your preparation matters more than the time you invest. If you are consistent, devoted, and follow smart study patterns, this will surely contribute to your triumph in the CUET exam and other competitive exams. Explore brief CUET preparation strategy.

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