Why Higher Education Institutions need a better outreach program and how an integrated platform can help.

Why Higher Education Institutions need a better outreach program and how an integrated platform can help.

DID YOU KNOW that IIM Indore has kick-started its IPM Management degree program for all qualified students who are high-school graduates? I bet you don’t, and honestly, not many students do which goes on to show that while the opportunity for quality education has increased in the recent years, you can’t really make the most of it if you don’t know about these opportunities in the first place. This highlights the challenging task of reaching out that most educational institutions fail to deliver today.

Better outreach = more informed choices = better career:

Universities today need to have a top-notch out-reach program. They need to educate students, schools, and parents about new programs that they wouldn’t otherwise know about. For instance, educational institutes like IIM Indore need to take up the job of educating school principals, teachers, students, and parents at home and say: “Hey I am offering an education program for high school graduates. You can come to IIM after class 12, study for 5 years, and become an MBA graduate”. As a student, you can only make the best decision of your life and your career if you are aware of the opportunities that exist. So the better the outreach program, the better informed you are, and the most you can make of the opportunities that are available to you.

Be informed and make the most of existing opportunities:

Academic Institutions also need to engage with students and their families in a meaningful way. Without such initiatives, there will be lack of awareness and knowledge which will ultimately hamper the progress of both the student and the institution. To bridge this gap, Career Launcher has launched Aspiration.AI: an integrated platform for all your academic and career related problems. Aspiration.AI is the ultimate student platform that connects you to the outside world and keeps you updated about the most recent developments in the education world and other potential avenues of success. This ensures that every student irrespective of what he/she wants to do next stays informed of the latest developments and opportunities in the education world and the job market.

To make the most of tomorrow, make the most of existing opportunities today. Don’t waste time looking for information. Make your life easier and your career prospects a lot brighter by making full use of the most informative platform for students today, only at Aspiration AI.



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