No need to study hard, just study smart!

effective students study smarter

An hour or two of daily studies are usually sufficient to make it through high school with satisfactory grades, but while in college students have to prepare for entrance exams for which they do not get enough hours to study. It gets even worse if they do not know how to study in a smart way.

The vast majority of effective students, not necessarily brighter than other students, achieve their success because they have learned and developed few habits that make them far more effective than others. The key to becoming an effective student is learning how to study smarter, not harder.

Work on the below tips and inculcate a habit of effective student who study smart rather studying hard and dying all day long.

  1. Have regular, yet shorter study periods: Effective students study smart, they do not attempt to cram their study into one session. It’s time for you to change too. To be a successful student, learn to be consistent in your studies, have regular, yet shorter, study periods. Read, how can you overcome your lack of focus.
  2. Set and stick with a study schedule: Set study schedule, plan out when you are going to study. Create a weekly routine, set aside a period of time, a few days or a week, to review your course. This will enable you to succeed in your education in long term. Read, Time management secret tips to succeed in entrance exams.
  3. Study with specific goal: Studying without direction is not effective. Effective students study smart as they have a specific goal each time they sit for studying. Set a study session goal before you start studying, to support your overall academic goal. You need to be clear about what exactly you need to accomplish during each study session. For instance, memorize 50 vocabulary words daily in order to ace the vocabulary section of an upcoming Bank exam.
  4. Procrastination kills effectiveness: Students find it easy to put off their study sessions and procrastinate it due to lack of interest or because the assignment is hard. DO NOT DO THAT! Successful students never procrastinate their planned study session. Procrastination leaves your study ineffective, it leads to rushing that is the primary cause of errors and you might not accomplish all that you need to. Read, start our test prep early.
  5. Start and complete the difficult subject first: Difficult subjects and assignments use the most of the efforts and mental energy of the students. Effective students study smart by starting their daily study session with difficult subjects. Completing these first relieves students from the tension.
  6. Make and review notes before each assignment: Make it a point to review your notes prior to starting your daily study sessions or picking up an assignment. To review your notes, you must first make sure to take good notes in class. Reviewing notes before each study session will help you remember important subject matter.
  7. Don’t let yourself get distracted: While studying students get distracted by many things like TV, mobile phones, family or may be because the place is too quite. Once distracted you lose the train of thoughts, you won’t be able to focus which will lead to ineffective studying. Make sure, before you start studying, find a place where you are sure you will not be distracted or disturbed.
  8. Study groups are effective: ‘Two heads are better than one’. This phrase stands true when it comes to studying. Group studies help you clear and understand the concepts for which you are struggling. Teaching others in group will enable you to remember your learning for long term. It also helps to evaluate how much prepared you are.

Effective students study smart, they review what they learn during the week. They are well prepared to continue learning new concepts. We are confident and bet you, if you inculcate the habits outlined above you will see a major improvement in your academic success.




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