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Best Books for CAT Preparation

One of the most important questions that every CAT aspirant wonders about is the best books for CAT Preparation. With the advent of the internet, there is a huge amount of information available and yet the credibility of the sources has come into question (is there an ulterior motive behind this recommendation?). We, at Career Launcher, have decided that this uncertainty has to be put to an end now and have come up with a list of recommendations regarding the best books for CAT Preparation albeit for the basic CAT Preparation.


Best Books for CAT Preparation for VARC

The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension topic is somewhat difficult to prepare for due to the unpredictable nature of it. However there are still some books which can help you in your CAT Preparation for the Verbal section.

In order to improve your vocabulary and boost your chances of understanding the Reading Comprehension passages, Word Power Made Easy is a good book to start from. It will help in understanding the word structures and break down a complex word to get an idea of the meaning of the word. This boost in vocabulary would help in the Verbal Ability section as well since it allows the candidate to understand the statement and context better.

Apart from this book, practice is the best way to improve your performance in this section and in the CAT Preparation in general. Reading as much as possible would help especially when it comes to newspapers since it allows the candidate to remain knowledgeable about the happenings in the world as well (which can be helpful in the group discussion and interview rounds).

Going through the English grammar books from Class 9 and 10 would also be helpful in brushing up all the grammar rules which might be useful in CAT and other MBA Entrance Exams.

There is no particular best book for CAT Preparation in the Verbal section but any coaching class material would definitely help you practice. The material distributed by any coaching class is generally very extensively curated and should be good preparation for the Verbal Section.


Best Books for CAT Preparation for DILR

The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section is even trickier than the Verbal section because of the wide variety of questions that can potentially be asked. Due to the lack of a fixed exam structure or pattern, it becomes difficult to prepare for the section.

Like the VARC section, there is no particular best book for CAT Preparation in DILR. The best options for practicing the questions in the DILR section would be going through past CAT papers and the study material that any coaching class provides.

Another good source of CAT Preparation in the DILR section is the mock tests that every candidate should be attempting. Solving the DILR section in the mock tests would be the perfect practice since it would allow you to solve the section in exactly the same circumstances as the actual CAT paper including the same time limit and the exhaustion after solving the VARC section before it.


Best Books for CAT Preparation for QA

The Quantitative Ability section is the one section which most candidates spend the most time preparing for. The major reason for this is that in this section there is a rough syllabus at least which the candidates can use to plan their preparation.

The best books for CAT Preparation in QA would be the Class 9 and 10 Mathematics textbooks for the initial preparation. Most of the syllabus of the QA section is derived from Class 9 and 10 Mathematics, so establishing your command over these textbooks is generally a good way to begin the CAT Preparation for QA.

The other sources of practice for QA would be similar to the DILR and VARC sections. The study materials from the coaching classes and the past CAT Papers can be used as practice material to ensure that you are as prepared as possible.



Just like there is no perfect study plan, there are no best books for CAT Preparation but there is enough material available to ensure that you are adequately prepared for the CAT Exam. After all, the CAT Exam is as much a test of wit as it is of dedication and preparation.

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