MBA Classroom Coaching

For over 28 years, Career Launcher has been guiding students in achieving their goals of gaining admission to their dream B-schools. If you are looking for comprehensive classroom coaching for CAT and other MBA entrance exams, then this is the right placefor you.


  • Get mentored by top MBA experts and CAT 99+%ilers
  • Interactive sessions with systematic syllabus coverage
  • Ideal for those seeking clarity on MBA core concepts
  • Study material based on the latest exam patterns
  • Access to a dedicated 24x7 learning portal for extensive test prep

Are you looking for CAT Coaching?

Why Choose MBA Classroom Coaching with Career Launcher?

Proven results with a legacy of 28+ years

Career Launcher has been helping thousands of students achieve their goals of entering top institutions for over 28 years. CAT 2023 has once again proven to be a very successful year with 610+ 99+%ilers across India.

Best-rated CAT Test Series

Our Test Series is rated as closest to the actual exam by CAT takers. Gear up your preparation with tools like drill-down analysis, time-wasted analysis, and live mock attempts by CL’s faculty members.

Comprehensive MBA Prep

Designed to help you with the comprehensive test prep for CAT and other MBA entrance exams. Gain access to test series, sectional & topic tests, PI & GD practice, one-on-one mentorship, extensive study material, and additional sessions & workshops.

Our Best Faculty

Classroom coaching of consistent quality across the country through experienced faculty members who are dedicated to explaining, encouraging, and inspiring students. This approach leads to more engaging sessions and improved learning outcomes.


Career Launcher has over 200 centers across 100+ cities in India, and the number continues to grow. So, choose the CL center closest to you; and benefit from our coaching classes.

Choose the Right Program for You

Career Launcher provides guidance to its students at every step of their B-school journey. We have designed a set of programs catering to the needs of a diverse group of test-takers to elevate your MBA preparation.

Program Name/Features

MBA Classic Extended

MBA Classic

MBA Express

Covers CAT and other MBA Entrance Exams

Live Sessions




CAT and Non-CAT Full-Length Mocks




CAT and Non-CAT Sectional Tests




Practice Questions




Physical Study Material

Race to 99

(Registration Based)

(Registration Based)

(Registration Based)

Gear up your preparation and take the first step towards your dream B-school by enrolling in one of our MBA classroom coaching programs.

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Choose Your Program

Gear up your preparation and take the first step towards your dream B-school by enrolling in one of our MBA classroom coaching programs.

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MBA Classroom Coaching

Brief Features

Interactive Classroom Sessions

Learn from our top MBA experts and CAT 99+%ilers and give a solid foundation to your preparation. Work on your areas of weakness with interactive classroom and doubt clearing sessions.

Live Strategy Sessions

Exclusive sessions are conducted on Mock CAT analysis, test-taking strategy, B-school counseling, mentorship and live mock attempts.

CAT Test Series + Test Gym

Finalize your test-taking strategy with mock tests 30 times before the actual CAT. Each mock is curated based on the difficulty level of the CAT paper in recent years. Practise with over 6200 questions to get CAT ready.

PI-WAT-GD Sessions

Go through the entire process of Round 2 of the B-school selection procedure, covering mock interviews, group exercises, discussions, case studies, WAT practice, and more.

Why CAT Coaching?

CAT is one of the most important milestones for every serious MBA aspirant, and there are many success stories of people who have cleared CAT without any CAT Coaching. This influences many aspirants to think about tackling the CAT exam in a similar manner. However, what these aspirants overlook is that these stories are the exception rather than the general rule.

There are numerous reasons you should not miss out on the best coaching for CAT, as listed below:

CAT coaching helps develop the schedule and preparation strategy for an aspirant to complement their preparation at home. A significant factor is that CAT coaching institutes, from their prior experience with aspirants, understand the problems that aspirants face and accordingly allot the requisite time for those topics.

Very few people have the necessary discipline to manage their time for CAT preparation. Thus, by choosing the best coaching for CAT, aspirants get access to a dedicated study schedule on a daily basis in the form of classes and tests.

Studying on one’s own, and without assistance, often leaves many questions unanswered during the CAT preparation. On the other hand, while studying at a coaching institute, aspirants can get their doubts resolved instantly and even discuss those with peers.

Peers allow an aspirant to understand their competition, share preparation strategies, and discuss queries and possible hurdles in CAT prep. Without a CAT coaching institute, it is difficult to meet like-minded people who share the same goal. Peer learning also maintains motivation levels and helps aspirants stay on track with their studies.

How to Choose the Best Coaching for CAT?

Let us talk about how you, as an aspirant, should choose your CAT coaching class. For this, we need to determine the most important factors that decide which CAT coaching would be the best coaching for CAT for you.


The experience and expertise of the faculty members enable an understanding of how well the information will be imparted. Rely on the mentors who are well-versed in the exam pattern, syllabus, and best practices.

Books and Materials

The study material should be in tune with the latest exam pattern and syllabus. It should also include practice questions, mock tests, and concepts relevant for the exam.


Choose the institute that reduces the time spent traveling from home to the coaching classes.

Reputation & Legacy

Research the institute's history and how many students they have coached. Also, see what other aspirants have said about the teaching methodology of the institute.


Check the success stories of the CAT-coaching institute over the past few years. It gives an insight into how many students the institute has helped reach the top B-schools.

Career Launcher focuses on each of these factors; and provides its students with a positive experience, making it one of the best coaching options available for CAT.

About MBA Classroom Coaching Programs

Since 1995, Career Launcher's coaching programs for CAT and other MBA entrance exams have been successfully helping aspirants get into their dream B-schools. The consistent results, year-on-year, have led to our coaching programs and training modules being rated among the best for CAT in the industry.

Our CAT-coaching programs not only prepare you for CAT but also for other MBA entrance exams, such as XAT, SNAP, CMAT, CUET (PG), etc, along with:

  • Personality Development Sessions
  • Mentorship Sessions
  • Latest Study Material
  • Strategy-Building Sessions
  • Doubt-Clearing Sessions

At Career Launcher, we offer CAT-coaching classes that cater the needs of the diverse group of MBA aspirants. The teaching methodology of CL’s classroom/online coaching focuses on conceptual clarity, hence, strengthening your core knowledge and, most importantly, your aptitude. Be it our CAT classroom coaching or online learning programs, each one is a full-fledged package of intensive and comprehensive learning.

Frequently asked questions

  • The course contains 30 CAT Specific Mocks, which are further divided into CDC FLEXIand CDC PRO
  • CDC FLEXI can be attempted anytime post their release.
  • CDC PRO must be attempted in specific slots in a specific two-day window as mentioned in the Mock Test schedule.


  • Arithmetic - Percentage, SI CI, Profit Loss and Discount, Ratio and proportions, average, Mixtures, Time Speed and Distance, Time and Work
  • Algebra - Linear Equations, Polynomials, Quadratic Equations, Functions, Logarithm, Modulus, Progressions, Maxima and Minima, Coordinate Geometry
  • Geometry - Lines, Angles, Triangles, Circles, Polygons, Quadrilaterals, Trigonometry
  • Number System - LCM HCF, Properties of Numbers, Remainders, Divisibility, Cyclicity, Calendar
  • Modern Math - Permutation and Combination, Probability


  • DI - Tables, Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Mixed Graphs, Radar Charts, Miscellaneous charts
  • LR - Arrangements, Set Theory, Missing Data, Games and Tournaments, binary Logic, Miscellaneous LR Puzzles, Number-based DI.


  • Reading Comprehension – Philosophy, Business and Economics, Polity, Literature, Sociology, etc
  • Para Jumbles
  • iii. Paragraph Summary
  • Odd One Out
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

The course includes 45 CAT and 44 Non-CAT based Sectional Test

All your doubts will be resolved in Class along with Telegram Support.

Yes, We will provide you with physical study material.

The course includes Race to 99, but prior registration is needed.

Yes, Sessions, Mock Tests, & Sectional Tests for Non-CAT Exams will be included in this course.