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How to Prepare for XAT 2020

Xavier’s Aptitude Test or XAT is conducted by XLRI every year for admission into its management program. XAT scores are also accepted by 100+ other institutes for admission into their management programs. To start preparing for any exam it is required that you must know the XAT Exam pattern. Lets us have a look at what XAT 2020 Exam pattern is expected to be.

MHCET MBA 2020 Paper Pattern:





74 Total MCQs

165 Minutes

Verbal and Logical Ability


No Sectional Time Limit

Decision Making


No Sectional Time Limit

Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation


No Sectional Time Limit


25 Total MCQs

15 Minutes

General Knowledge



Total questions (Part 1 + Part 2)



After years of being conducted in the paper-pen format, XAT finally moved to the online mode in 2019 and is expected to continue in the online mode for 2020. XAT 2020 is expected to be conducted in the 1st week of January 2020. 

How to prepare for XAT 2020

XAT exam syllabus has two sections more in addition to what we see in CAT. These new sections are: Decision Making and General Knowledge. Lets us discuss preparation strategy for each section of XAT 2020.

XAT 2020 Verbal and Logical Ability

Many consider this section tougher than CAT mainly because of the focus on Verbal section. Topics such as Critical Reasoning, Fill in the blanks and Reading Comprehension dominate this section and are of higher difficulty level than seen in CAT.
For this section revise your concepts of verbal Ability and focus on reasoning skills based questions. Work on your speed. And write and analyse mocks regularly and qualitatively for superior performance.

XAT 2020 Decision Making and Analytical Skills

This is a unique section in XAT. It is designed to check your management skills and aptitude by presenting you with various case studies and situations where you have to use your own judgement to pick a correct resource. The situations and case studies are mostly based on ethical dilemmas, human resource management issues, sales & finance management issues and other general management issues etc.
This is practice intensive section. While solving questions in this section focus on taking an unbiased, ethical decision which do not favour any single party and make a decision by keeping your preferences aside. With sufficient practice and analysis you would be able to solve this section with hardly any difficulty.

XAT 2020 Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

This section is again considered by some more difficult than CAT. Topics are more diverse in XAT whereas in CAT Arithmetic and Algebra rule the roost. For XAT you must focus on Goemetry, Co-ordinate Geometry, P&C, Probability and functions along with Algebra and Arithmetic.
The key to scoring well in this section is focussing and mastering a few topics that are your strengths and solving previous year papers along with XAT specific mocks for XAT 2020.


XAT 2020 General Knowledge

Current Affairs for this section can easily be prepared for by reading newspaper regularly and XAT Static GK compendium for static GK would be sufficient. You can expect questions based on Geography, Economy, Business, Personalities & Awards and Sports news etc.

Along with preparation for other MBA entrance exam, XAT can easily be prepared for by:

  1. Scheduling and writing XAT 2020 Mocks and earmarking 1-2 mock for every week after CAT
  2. Regular newspaper reading
  3. Focussing on concepts and their application
  4. Solving previous year papers
  5. Performing qualitative analysis of each mock or test that you write

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