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How to start preparing for CAT?

As you decide to write CAT, the important question that arises with it is “how to start preparing for CAT?” . An adequate answer to this question will steer your CAT preparation in the right direction. But the question is, with numerous CAT preparation strategies floating on the internet, how do you know which one to follow? To make it easier for you, in this article I have listed the fundamental steps that you need to follow without any exception.


Know where you stand

The first step in how to start your preparation for CAT is knowing where you stand at present. Determine your proficiency level in the areas that are tested in CAT by taking a free CAT mock or the CAT Readiness Test. According to the results decide whether you require coaching for CAT. Taking all the factors into consideration such as finances, location, availability of time, enroll yourself in a program that suits you.

A coaching program will guide your CAT preparation in the right direction and provide constant motivation through peer to peer learning.


Beat with the Basics

The most fundamental requirement to score well in CAT is speed and accuracy. Both of which cannot be attained without having strong basics. Hence, the next step is to strengthen your basics. The way to attaining strong basics is through practice and revision. Practice several questions, with varying levels of difficulty, from the topics you have studied. Revise what you have studied every weekend. This will not only help you strengthen your basics but will also offer momentum to your CAT preparation.


Make mocks a habit

As you kickstart your preparation for CAT, keep in mind that mocks have to be a part of your preparation from the onset. Don’t wait to take mocks at the end of the road. This is a major mistake that most aspirants make. Take at least one mock per week starting from April till September. From October, start taking at least 2 mocks per week. Writing mocks will help you understand the paper pattern, benchmark your performance across test takers, familiarize you with the test taking environment, and prepare you for the D-day.


Get ahead of the competition

The CAT exam is taken by roughly 2 lac aspirants every year. What will help you beat the competition? Effective Preparation! Practice CAT level questions, take mocks that are closest to the actual CAT level, solve previous year CAT papers. Your performance in a CAT level mock will not only tell you how prepared you are for the exam but will also tell you how you are weighing across test takers.

By focusing on the key points mentioned in this article you will be able to keep your CAT preparation in the right gear. Manage the time available competently, make full use of the resources available to you, and keep yourself motivated throughout the journey. Are you ready to take the first step in your journey to your dream B-School?