How to improve my CAT Mock Percentile?

When an aspirant sets out on his journey to make it to one of the premier B-Schools, scoring low percentiles can be a devastating experience. However, without being defeated, getting a percentile up and near your desired percentile should become a constant pursuit. Even though your current percentile gives you very little hope of making it to your dream B-School, we can assure you that your percentile can take the leap. We want to share some methods, devised by previous CAT toppers, to help you pull off this seemingly difficult feat.

Take a mock test regardless of the prior preparation

The first thing one must do is take a mock test regardless of what of what you prepared so far. This will help you get acquainted with the test-taking environment, get an initial assessment of your position across test takers, and most importantly get first hand experience of what lies ahead for the rest of the season.

You must not attempt the questions which you are not 100% sure of

It is difficult to leave a question of which you are half sure and when you don’t want to miss out on those extra three marks. But keep in mind that it is no less than a gamble and you may end up losing marks instead of gaining some bonus marks. For an exam like CAT, attempting questions that you are not sure of is hardly rewarding. Therefore, keep your eye only on questions that you are sure about.

You must attempt 100% of the questions you are sure of

Skim through each section, especially the Quant and LRDI section, and don’t miss out on attempting questions that you are sure about. Ensure that you first solved all the questions that you were confident about before you start testing your luck with questions that you are not certain about.

You must give enough mock tests for practice

The target should be to take at least one mock per week and towards October increase the same to two mocks per week. By following this routine, you will be effectively able to monitor your progress and develop a sound test taking strategy.

You must thoroughly analyse each and every mock you give and not repeat the same mistakes

Taking a mock without analysing them is like shooting arrows without bothering whether they are hitting the target. It is imperative to spend at least 3 hours on thoroughly analysing each mock test. Analysis will help you identify which easy questions you missed out, questions that you should have left, and how you can better manage your time and maximise your score.

Here is a weekly schedule that we prescribe for test takers:

  • Step 1: Take a mock test. (Sundays preferred)
  • Step 2: Redo all the questions you got wrong or left unattempted in the paper
  • Step 3: Do a question-wise analysis, putting them into 6 categories (Good Shot, Risky Shot, Unforced Error, Double Negative, Missed Opportunity and Well Left). If you have CL’s CAT Score Booster, then this aspect will be taken care of by that tool. Once you fill up the strength finder as per the topics that you find easy and difficult, you’ll get a personalized report after each mock in which all the questions of the mock will be categorized in one of these 6 categories.
  • Step 4: Do a sub-section wise analysis for the paper
  • Step 5: Identify weak areas (Points 2, 3,4 and 5 can be done on Monday )
  • Step 6: Solve questions from your weak areas, 3-4 days of the week should be dedicated to this
  • Step 7: One must watch the corresponding mock attempts by CL Gurus. Follow their techniques and you will see the difference in the result.
  • Step 8: Take the next mock!

One thing that you must remember in the entire process is that it doesn’t matter from where you start, you can always make it where you want to be. Never give up. Never compare. Keep the optimism. Keep improving. I wish you all the best and hope that you succeed in obtaining a seat in your dream institute. It is not as far as you think it is.

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