CAT Preparation

The main focus in the first leg of your CAT preparation should be to build a strong foundation for the CAT exam. The idea is to learn the basics of every topic of Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Ability. Since you will be appearing for CAT in 2018, you should make the most of the first month of CAT preparation to make your basics strong and full-proof. Visit your Class 8 to Class 10 Mathematics concepts and revise them. Spending a month on this would be a good investment of time as it would iron out any knowledge deficiencies that you may have. Along with this, solving a few puzzles regularly would give you a good introduction to the Logical Reasoning sets that come in CAT.

The next step towards CAT would be deciding the mode of CAT 2018 preparation. You need to make a choice whether to join a classroom program which offers you guided learning in a classroom environment or an online program like the Night Classes that allows you to study anytime, anywhere from the comforts of your home. Both kinds of programs are equally good and would give your CAT 2018 preparation the much-needed guidance that it requires.

The aspirants living in cities without a decent coaching center should be looking at online classes as a serious alternative to the classroom program. Online programs not only allow the convenience but also the luxury of studying from the best faculty from pan-India. The CAT Night Classes program is driven and delivered by the CL Founders along with their team of the best faculty pan-India. The online classes are held in two batches of early morning and late night respectively thereby making it convenient for anyone, even the working aspirants to take classes at their convenient time and place. Another alternative for such students is our MBA Residential program.

The MBA Residential is an intensive, full-time MBA coaching program that gives 100 students an opportunity to interact 24*7 with our Connaught Place, Delhi center faculty; the team which sends the highest number of candidates to IIMs and NLUs every year. The program is based out of our Greater Noida campus that provides additional benefits such as round-the-clock doubt-solving, library and sport facilities, group study and peer-learning, and Personality Development sessions. All of this, so you can forget worrying about your accommodation, transport, and safety and focus only on realizing your dream of getting into a top B-school.

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You should also know which B-schools you are eligible for and out of them, which should be your target B-school. To know which IIMs will accept your profile, take a look at IIM Profilizer, a unique tool that will give you a realistic picture of your chances of making into an IIM and will also tell you how much percentile you need to score in CAT to get shortlisted.

Whichever program you choose will come with a set of MBA books and study material. After completing the warm-up revision from Class 8 - 10 books, you must start-off by learning the basics and having a look at the solved examples. As you go through the concepts of a topic, take enough topic-wise tests to solidify your learning. Utilize the power of the Test Gym to practice different levels of questions across different topics of Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability.

Before every class, read the concepts of the topic to be taken in the next class. After each class, solve the questions in the class-worksheet and examples in the books. Analyze and re-do the dubious questions and advance to the next level. Proceed in a similar manner for each topic ensuring your strong hold on each topic.

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