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Top NMAT Colleges that you should target

The NMAT is a national level MBA Entrance Exam. One of the major reasons for the popularity of the NMAT Exam is the fact the NMAT Score is accepted by several top colleges across the world. The NMAT Colleges are only increasing in number as the years go by and as the NMAT Exam establishes itself as one of the premium MBA Entrance Exams in India.

How the NMAT Colleges help boost NMAT’s Popularity

As the number of NMAT Colleges increase, it becomes important for the candidate to keep track of the NMAT Colleges which they might be eligible for. Some of the more prominent colleges which accept the NMAT Score are:

  • NMIMS Mumbai
  • ISB Hyderabad (for select courses)
  • SP Jain (for select courses)
  • XIMB

It is the caliber of these colleges that will boost the number of test takers. ISB and SP Jain are new entrants among NMAT Colleges and will significantly boost its popularity among a certain class of candidates. The following section will contain details about the best NMAT Colleges.

Best NMAT Colleges

While there are several colleges which accept the NMAT Score, there are only a few NMAT Colleges which almost all the aspirants will be looking to get into. These colleges are focused on in this section:

  • NMIMS Mumbai – NMIMS Mumbai is the convener of the NMAT Exam and the flagship college for most people. NMIMS Mumbai uses the NMAT Score to shortlist students for their flagship MBA Course as well as their MBA (HR) and MBA (Pharma) course. NMIMS Mumbai has a very good reputation for Marketing and Finance and has the benefit of being located in a prime location i.e. Mumbai.
  • ISB Hyderabad – ISB Hyderabad has been ranked highest among all Indian Business Schools according to the Financial Times ranking of 2019 for MBA Courses. It generally accepts GMAT scores as a qualifying factor before the rigorous selection process gets underway. ISB Hyderabad has decided to accept the NMAT Score for their new program called the Advanced Management Program in Business Analytics. This program has been designed keeping in mind working professionals and consists of a combination of classroom sessions and online sessions. More details about the program can be found on the official ISB website. It is one of the most prestigious additions into the group of NMAT Colleges.
  • SP Jain – Another big entrant amongst NMAT Colleges and will go a long way in helping boost the number of candidates taking NMAT. This is the first year that SP Jain has decided to take the NMAT Score as a qualifying measure. It will accept the NMAT Score for their PGMPW or the Post Graduate Management Program for Women. It accepts the scores of other MBA Entrance Exams such as GMAT, GRE, CAT and XAT as well. This program has been built only for women with the intention of helping those women who have taken a break in their career.
  • XUB – XUB decided to accept the NMAT Score and become one of the NMAT Colleges in 2016. The Bhubaneswar based college is another college which will accept the NMAT Score for some of their more specialized courses rather than all the courses. The specialized course which accepts the NMAT Score in XUB is the Human Resource Management Course (HRM). The course is the flagship program of XAHR or Xavier School of Human Resource Management. XAHR may not be very well known because it has been rebranded as a separate course. It was earlier known as XIMB-HR and was considered to be one of the better HR Programs in the country.

These are some of the top NMAT Colleges that candidates can aim for depending on the course of their interest.

What decides which NMAT College to go for?

While the brand names of the NMAT Colleges seem to be extremely alluring, it is not always wise to make the decision based on them alone. The newer entrants into the list of NMAT Colleges have not opened admission into the flagship programs through NMAT. Given this circumstance, it would be wise to decide on the NMAT Colleges to shortlist based on the programs they offer rather than the brand name.

NMIMS Mumbai remains the most alluring choice for now considering it opens up admission to all their courses, including their flagship courses, to candidates through the NMAT Exam. On the other hand, ISB would represent a very tempting opportunity for working professionals looking to upgrade themselves or someone who is extremely interested in the field of Machine Learning. SP Jain has opened doors to their program for women through the NMAT Exam. This would attract a different audience while XUB will attract candidates who are looking at doing an MBA in HR.

One thing is clear! The popularity of NMAT will only continue to grow if they are able to rope in new NMAT colleges into the gambit and get them to open admissions into their flagship programs through the NMAT Exam.