How to improve Data interpretation and Logical Reasoning for CAT?

DILR Section is considered to be a game changer and the most unpredictable section in the CAT Examination. So for DILR Preparation, while one can find a majority of the aspirants claiming that this is the most unpredictable and most difficult section among the trinity, it is far easier to excel in this section with a right approach and a right mindset. Hence right strategy plays an important role to improve DILR section.

So before starting with how to prepare for DILR or how to improve DILR. Let's first learn about DILR.

Up until CAT 2019, DILR section carried 32 questions split across 8 Sets. Solving one set usually ensures that the candidate is able to answer all 4 questions of that set. While it is almost practically not possible to solve all 8 sets but, an accuracy of 50% along with the right strategy has observed a 98+ percentile over the years. So before going on to 'How to improve DILR'. Let's do the first things first.

What is this right strategy?

Before moving on to the right strategy to improve DILR. You must know that there is no 'one' right approach or strategy to improve DILR. Every student has a different strategy of their own. However, here we will talk about the most popular strategy.

It revolves around two things -

  • Time management- Optimising the utilisation of time is the major game of play in this exam. If you are able to do this, you are able to ace the exam.
  • Question Selection- To select which sets to solve and which not. The sets in the exam are divided into easy, moderate and difficult. Hence, selection of sets becomes a game changer.

In the limited time, one must utilise first few minutes (let's say 4 minutes) to skim through all the sets and note down what are the main topics of the sets.

Categorise them like (suppose)

  • Set-1 : Seating Arrangement
  • Set 2 : Knockout Tournament
  • Set 3 : Miscellaneous
  • Set 4 : Distribution etc.

Then decide the level of difficulty of each set as per one's own capability and finally move on to answer "What 4 sets am I going to answer and in what order (from easy to hard)?"

This whole task shouldn't take more than 5 minutes and with an initial sacrifice of 5 minutes, a candidate has now strategized his next 55 minutes and the optimal course of action.

Now apart from choosing the right number of sets, one must keep in mind to solve one set, including all the questions, in 13-14 minutes max. This is a more than sufficient time to solve 4 sets.

Hence, solving 4 sets will easily give you 99 percentile in the DILR section. This strategy for 'how to improve DILR for XAT' has worked for many students. You should also try to include it in your mock tests and eventually set it according to your needs.