How to improve Verbal ability and Reading comprehension for CAT?

In CAT2019, VARC turned out to be the toughest amongst all the sections. The reading comprehensions were lengthy and the difficulty level was also up. One should be prepared for all surprises this year to score good and get into an IIM. However, for some this might be a cakewalk while for others (mainly engineers) this section can be a buzzkill. So this gets us to the question, How to improve VARC? But before that we need to identify the main problems one faces.

Main issues that one faces in this section

  • Difficulty in concentration throughout the RCs.
  • Many answers that one presumes to be correct actually turn out to be wrong.
  • Confusion about attempting the question or leaving the question in case you have eliminated two options.
  • Inability to connect different sentences in the VA section.
  • Managing time to attempt the questions. For example- many times students read the RC but are not able to answer the questions due to time constraints.

Relatable much? Don't worry after the end of this page you will have a clear understanding on how to go about the VARC section. Now we are in a position to actually answer "how to improve VARC"

How should you improve VARC?

These are a few insights about a good approach to the section-

  • Give a few minutes to analyse the paper and make a strategy on how you are going to attempt the section.
  • DO NOT STICK TO A QUESTION! This is a blunder mistake and can cost you a lot. Try to maximize your attempts. See because accuracy of 90-100% is difficult to achieve, so improve your score by maximizing attempts.
  • If you are getting bored while reading RCs try to customise your approach. For example- try doing 1 RC first and then solve a few questions of VA and then back to RC and so on, to neutralize.
  • Focus on what the author wants to convey, not what you want to interpret. Keep solving mocks and analysing them. This will help you prepare a strategy beforehand.
  • Solve regular mocks. This is one stop destination for "How to improve VARC".
  • Pro tip- At the end, don't be too harsh on yourself. Don't force yourself to do any question which you are not feeling good about. Remember, in this exam you have to play on your strengths and you will sail through.Even if all this doesn't work. We are here at your rescue.