A Data Analytics Approach to CAT 2020 Analysis

CAT 2020 was extremely different compared to CAT 2015-19 which has led to several questions in the minds of the students.

Career Launcher strives to answer some of the most common questions such as:

  • Were all 3 slots equal in difficulty level?
  • Were all sections equal in difficulty level across slots?
  • How did students select questions and attempt questions in the CAT Exam?

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Get data-driven insights into the anatomy of CAT 2020

A Sneak Peek into the CAT 2020 Analysis

As the graphic demonstrates, the level of difficulty of the VARC section was higher in slot 1 as compared to the other 2 slots. On the other hand, the DILR section in Slot 3 was the toughest across all slots which was compensated by the easiest QA section across all the slots.

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How Career Launcher helps you prepare for such surprises

Career Launcher performs significant data analysis for the CAT Exam each year to ensure that you are best prepared for any surprises that may arise. With Career Launcher, you will be able to:

  • Identify Easy Questions: One of the conclusions that have been drawn from the analysis of the CAT 2020 Paper was that there were easy questions which were not attempted by the students.
  • Give as many Career Launcher Mocks as possible: Based on the analysis of the CAT 2020 and 10 random Career Launcher mocks, the mocks were of a similar structure to the CAT Paper in terms of the easy, difficulty and medium level questions but were slightly higher in difficulty level making it the ideal preparation partner for you.

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Career Launcher utilizes all of the data gathered and the insights generated to prepare our students better for the CAT Exam. The faculty utilizes this information to help aspirants identify the easy questions and ensure that the score is maximized while the academic team works on continuing to be as close as possible to the CAT Paper so that aspirants can attempt the paper as confidently as possible.