My Encounters - 2017

Student experuiences from B School Selection 2017


THE season of interviews, GDs, Case Discussions, WATs is in full swing now. Management compass brings to you some of the transcripts of the feedback from students who have appeared for these. Enjoy reading them …

WAT Topic: Only when India and China Grow, can the real Century of Asia begin.

GD Topic: We have an anti ageing cream that can save people from mumbola in Africa, where it can sell at a very low price. The ingredients of that cream are limited and 96% profit and 75% revenue of our company comes from it. What should we do?

17/02/2017, 12:13 - Interview: No acads, they asked me about my hobbies. How DOTA has helped me. 6-7 minute discussion on my game and my idea for gaming startup. Then a few GK questions, and why I have a drop of 2 years after 12th.

MDI Experience

Wat + GD topic: Social networking on internet is a boon

GD was very smooth and everyone was able to pitch in. We were asked to conclude the GD.

PI (Same panelists who took our GD. Two people - one male one female we will name them P1 and P2 respectively)

P1: After looking at my profile asked me about the subjects that were taught in B Com?

What were my favourite subjects? Told them: accounts and economics.

The panelists eyes became excited P1 made a gesture towards P2. (ki aab bakra fhas hai)

P1 questioned me accounts. The 3 golden rules. A few journal entries. Difference between trading and cash account. What was more important - accounts or finance? A few questions on NPV and IRR and which was better.

Then p2 came in

It started off with demand and supply.

How to access demand of a product.

What was inflation.

Asked me to explain basket of goods upon my answer on inflation with example.

A few questions on basket of goods.

Then enquired if the recent inflation was good or bad. Gave an explanation.

Was enquired about who sets targetted inflation. Upon my answer was asked how rbi controlled inflation.

Then was asked to explain CRR and SLR in detail. Then gave a case if a Rs.100 is deposited in SBI then how would CRR and SLR affect it.

Gave the current rates and its effect.

Why was SLR implemented.

A few basic questions of banks followed.

Overall the interview was very light and panelists were especially warm. No question outside of acads took place.

IIM K Experience

WAT + GD : Because of intellect are we losing emotions in our lives...

GD started well but then became a fish market for some time.. again back to track..


Started with GD topic.. Why you took particular stance.. i spoke 2-3 points only so the panel asked me to add some points.. thankfully i was able to do so this time.. then he grilled me on intellect being necessity.. but i was able to defend well he was happy with my answer..

The Other panelist was going through my personal form meanwhile(there were two panelists)

P2- why do you want to leave your job and come to us ( i guess it was stress interview)

I answered...

P1- (after I finished) then in that case my dear you have made the wrong choice. you should give it a thought. I defended myself... was able to explain how mba will help me

P2- asked some mechanical terms (i am B Tech Mech) which i did not know

P1- are you good in maths

told i am average not so good not so bad..

Then came the moment of disaster

P1 - do you want to ask me something

I- plz tell me something about yourself (i don’t know where it came from)

All of us erupted in a huge laughter

P2- that was my question

P1- my dear you should not ask that ( he was in mid 50-60 and seemed very caring person throughout)

I apologised and took my documents

PS- same panel conducted WAT AND GD

IIM Kozhikode Experience

WAT + GD: Is peace with Pakistan a possible reality or a distant dream?

GD lasted for about 15 minutes.


1.   Introduction

2.   What did you do when you volunteered for BJP?

3.   Are you a supporter of the party?

4.   Who will you vote for in 2019?

5.   What are your future plans? I explained want to work in education technology.

6.   Which companies? Named them and told what they are doing.

7.   What do you do in your leisure time? I told reading, he named 6 books I hadn't read any of those.

8.   Whose the HRD minister? I told

9.   Who is the HRD secretary? I had no idea.


I had a good GD and they were present so they didn't grill me. The one who shouted in GD was grilled badly.

IIM-A Experiences

AWT (20 mins):

Case study done on Bangalore metro to study why the metro ridership has decreased by 50% in the last few years.

Conclusion: good speed cars, well maintained infrastructure of roads, highways, etc has caused this reduction.

Solution: reduce investment in infrastructure to boost up ridership.

Question: Evaluate the writer's perspective. What assumptions did he make? What will weaken his argument?

Maths test (10 mins)

3 questions: matrix, differentiation, integration

PI (20-25mins)

No "tell me about yourself". Started with academics. Ethical issues related to some topics. Asked about some theories.

Switched to extra curriculars. Questions related to it.

Switched to co-curriculars. Connected that with current affairs in EU. Questions on Brexit, France, Greece.

Lastly, one panellist started shooting random names on Indians in politics, etc. And asked me to identify them and what they're famous for.

Interview (25-30 mins):

Background: Mechanical Engineering and Internships in Automobile sector

2 panelists

Introduce yourself; Why MBA?; What are your Leisure activities?

Something about the Shivaji Statue in Maharashtra

Today's Economic News

About Affordable Housing Scheme

Is it Governement's responsibility to provide Housing?

Explain IC Engine and it's applications to a non technical person

Asked about internship company and my role there

On that basis asked to Explain VOLKSWAGEN blunder (Explained Technically but couldn't convince from Business side) and to explain PUC

Have you heard about EU?

Which country left it? (Tricky one because UK has not left yet)

Reasons for Brexit

Trump election

Recent controversial policy of Trump

Personal Interview ( 20 – 25 Minutes)

They asked me about when finance emerged as a separate stream from economics.

I said 1980s, they asked when Modigliani's paper was published.

I said 1958.

They asked me to revise my answer however I said that the 1980s was when Finance became popular as that was when all notable experts were getting Nobel prizes.

They then asked me about Markowitz' efficient frontier, I drew it.

They asked about systematic and unsystematic risk, I initially confused the two but later got the right answer.

They asked about the Dupont analysis, I explained it to them. They said one component was missing, however to my knowledge it was all accurate.

They then started asking me about Delhi's history.

How many historic cities there are in Delhi, while I knew this was 7, I couldn't remember Indraprasth was the oldest and said Qila Rai Pithora itself was the oldest. They asked for a time, I guesstimated it to be around 3rd century AD, they said it was wrong but were happy to see my logic behind it.

They then asked about modernist writers, and asked me to name a few. I couldn't name a British writer.

They then asked about post colonial literature, I could only remember VS Naipaul but I got the genre's definition right.

They then asked about my internship, and career goals etc. They later said that I didn't need an MBA to which I tried to convince them that I did, post which they ended the interview and offered me a toffee.

Personal Interview ( 25 min)

They didnt ask anything about current affairs.. upcoming elections nothing.

So it seems schlum is not a a good place. (they were under the impression that i am working in schlum currently, but i left it year ago and working in OYO)... i said no -- its a good place and bla bla... i clarified where i am working currently.

They asked me what I do?

Is there any one who reports to me? How many people I coordinate with?

What i am currently working on?

What did I learn in schlum which I use in OYO? What next for OYO?

Why MBA - u already have a job? What after MBA?

They asked did u like civil engineering?

Any relation of schlum and civil? They asked me which subject I liked in graduation.

Then they asked two questions.

I could not answer first question - relation of RPM and rate of wear (schlum - drilling - drilling bit- usmein RPM - uss RPM ka variation with rate of wear) I did not know anything about that. They could see that i am not moving my pencil. They grilled me. Said u are an engineer so tell me.

Draw what forces act on a drilling pipe. I drew axial, friction and orally said Bending forces. He asked how are bending force coming into picture when load is axial. He wanted name of the force which is causing bending moment. I could not come up with the name. After he drew the diagram - i said Buckling. He said yes.

Rest all questions were very generic.

11/02/2017, 10:18: RPM vala toh maine kabhi kahin padha nhi tha

11/02/2017, 10:18: still the other interviewer grilled me on those topics

11/02/2017, 10:18: one of the interviewer said u must have lost touch with civil

11/02/2017, 10:18: Anything from your form?

11/02/2017, 10:18: No, nothing particularly from the form

11/02/2017, 10:18: time stopped when they asked about RPM question and wanted me to draw it on graph

IIMA Interview:

All civil questions..

11/02/2017, 10:23 - what did they ask u?

11/02/2017, 10:23 - RCC properties, fly ash, bitumen, cement, surveying theories

11/02/2017, 10:23 - Structures

11/02/2017, 10:23 - Shear force diagram

11/02/2017, 10:23 - Bending moment

11/02/2017, 10:23 - omg

11/02/2017, 10:23 - fresher?

11/02/2017, 10:23 - 1.5 years workex

11/02/2017 - They asked nothing about work

11/02/2017, 10:23 - There was one question on hobbies but they did not go deep into it

11/02/2017, 10:23 - One of them was a civil engineer

11/02/2017, 10:23 - Old guy

11/02/2017, 10:23 - They did not start with 'tell me about yourself'. I entered and they said 'so you are a civil engineer..'

11/02/2017, 10:23 - shivku1271: I tried to handle the situation though. Hoping i get a couple of bonus points

IIM K Interview

WAT: random work can not lead to success only consistency can

PS (not the exact words)

GD on same topic

Both given 15min time

Interview (15min): very general 2 proffessors p1: one young, p2: one old

P2: give intro

Me:I did

P2: explain contractual job

Me: explained as my work is contractual

P2: asked about my work and what are my daily responsibility like

Me: told them

P2: gave a problem situation, work related and asked me what would i do in that situation?

Me: told him

P1: asked why mba?

Me: told my reasons

P1: asked what will you learn there?

Me: told them that i will learn about buisness

P2: asked some acads ques related to my work

Me: gave some ans, was unsure about some

P2: asked about gst?

Me: explained every thing i know